Bank of America Corp claims: India’s stock market will raise the most money this year amid a flurry of IPOs

In terms of raising funds through IPOs in India, all old records are likely to be broken this year and this trend is likely to continue till the year 2025. This is estimated by the prestigious Bank of America Corp (Investment). MD of this company. Debashish Purohit says that the new calculation has started after the year 2023 remained as block trades.

The next two years are shaping up to be the busiest years for IPOs in our lifetime. This is because large conglomerates, tech firms and financial services providers are looking for capital for their expansion. Its owners are seeing the current streak as a golden opportunity to reduce their stake.

The strong growth of the Indian economy has continued in the second half of the current financial year as well. The economy is poised to take another leap thanks to a fresh round of capital spending by the corporate sector. The Reserve Bank has expressed confidence in this regard in its latest bulletin. It has been said that the RBI has estimated the GDP growth to be seven percent for 2024-25. The rate of inflation is the lowest since October 2019 and is estimated to be 4.5 percent this year.

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