Facebook and Instagram servers down, users’ accounts automatically logged out

Facebook and Instagram down: Social media platform Instagram is down for the last 20 minutes. Many tweets related to this have been done by the user on the X account. It is said that the feed is not loading on Instagram owned by Meta and is not able to do anything. Everyone is wondering why this is happening to the users.

Meta has reacted to the downing of Facebook and Instagram. A Meta spokesperson said: “We are aware that people are having difficulty accessing our services. We are working on it now. Overnight, all of a sudden, users on both Meta Company’s platforms started facing problems logging in and refreshing feeds. Users’ accounts on Facebook were automatically logged out.

While on Instagram, users are not able to refresh new feeds. Some users have also complained about video streaming on YouTube. To login, these platforms are sending recovery codes to users’ WhatsApp and email, but many users are not receiving these codes. Even though the code is available, it doesn’t load.

Just yesterday the news came that the security codes of crores of users of Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube have been leaked. It is being said that because of this leak, work was going on on Facebook, Instagram today, so the server was down and people had to face trouble.

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