40 people still missing after multi-storey building collapse in South Africa

Nearly 40 construction workers buried under the debris of a building that collapsed in South Africa on Monday remained unaccounted for on Wednesday. Rescue teams continued to search for survivors for a third day in the debris of the incomplete five-story building complex.

Officials said the deaths of seven workers have been confirmed. According to information given by George City officials, of the 29 people rescued from the debris, 16 were in critical condition and the other six had life-threatening injuries. All the injured are admitted to the hospital.

Officials said 40 workers were still missing and buried under the debris. It was told by George Municipality that when the under construction building collapsed, a total of 75 construction workers were present there. He said more than 200 rescue workers were continuing to search for survivors using sniffer dogs and underground cameras. Cranes and other heavy lifting equipment are being used to lift some of the huge concrete slabs that have fallen on workers.

Rescue workers said some of the survivors had used their mobile phones to contact family members while trapped under the debris and this had helped rescue workers locate them. After the tragic accident, Acting Mayor Leon Van Wyck had said, “Our condolences and sympathies go out to the bereaved and all the affected families who are waiting for information about their loved ones.”

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