How dangerous is a silent heart attack, what symptoms are seen in the body?

Silent heart attack is difficult to identify. This is because when a silent heart attack occurs, no symptoms are felt in the body. Even if the body gives some signals, they are very normal which people simply ignore. But silent heart attack is as dangerous as heart attack that comes with symptoms. In this situation your heart gets damaged. When the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart is interrupted. In such a situation heart attack occurs. Silent heart attacks can occur at any time. Many times cases of silent heart attack occur while sleeping.

According to a study, about 50% to 80% of heart attacks are silent. The risk of silent heart attack is especially high in women. Sometimes a silent heart attack can occur due to stress, excessive physical activity or cold.
How to understand silent heart attack, what are the symptoms

Dr. Bhumesh Tyagi, Professor of Internal Medicine Department of Sharda Hospital, says that many times no symptoms are felt when a silent heart attack occurs. Feeling mildly uncomfortable and sometimes a silent heart attack can also occur due to some disease.

symptoms of heart attack

  • severe chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • discomfort in upper body
  • cold sweat
  • feeling very tired
  • feeling nauseous

Why do silent heart attacks occur?

Due to increase in cholesterol in the body, plaque is formed which gets deposited in the coronary arteries. When a blood clot forms on the plaque, it blocks oxygen and blood from reaching the heart muscle. In such a situation heart attack occurs.

Causes of silent heart attack

  • gain excess weigh
  • not exercising
  • having high blood pressure
  • having high cholesterol
  • having high blood sugar
  • consuming too much tobacco
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