Indian student stabbed to death in Australia, family appeals to government for help

A 22-year-old MTech student was stabbed to death during a fight between some Indian students in Australia. Police are searching for two brothers of Indian origin in the case. The deceased student has been identified as Navjeet Sandhu. Sandhu’s relative Yashveer in Karnal, Haryana, said Sandhu tried to intervene in a dispute over rent between some Indian students, leading to another student attacking him with a knife.

Yashveer said, “Navjeet’s friend (another Indian student) had asked him to go to his house to collect his belongings as Navjeet had a car. When his friend went inside, Navjeet heard screaming and saw a scuffle taking place.

When Navjeet tried to intervene by asking him not to fight, he was attacked with a knife on his chest. He said that like Navjeet, the accused is also a resident of Karnal. Yashveer told that the family has received information about the incident. He told that his friend present with Navjeet also suffered injuries.

Navjeet was about to come home

Yashveer said, “Navjeet was a bright student and he was going to visit his family in July to spend the holidays.” According to Yashveer, Navjeet had gone to Australia one and a half years ago on a study visa and his farmer father had supported his son’s education. Had sold one and a half acre of his land for this. He said, “We urge the Government of India to help us in repatriating the body as soon as possible.”
The search for the accused continues

Meanwhile, Victoria Police said they are releasing descriptions and photographs of two people who are being sought after a stabbing in Ormond, south-east of Melbourne. Police said that the accused of Indian origin – Abhijeet and Robin Garton are being searched.

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