After becoming President, Putin made the biggest political move

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed Mikhail Mishustin as the Prime Minister of the country. Putin has sent his name to the lower house of parliament for approval. In accordance with Russian law, Mishustin, 58, submitted the resignations of his Cabinet on Tuesday as Putin began his fifth term as president. Mishustin was on the post of Prime Minister for the last four years.

Political experts were already hopeful that Mishustin could be made Prime Minister again. He believes Putin likes Mishustin’s skill and distance from the limelight. Mishustin, the former head of Russia’s tax service, stayed away from political statements during his previous tenure and did not even give media interviews. Speaker of the lower house of parliament, V. Volodin, has announced that Putin has presented Mishustin’s candidacy in the State Duma.

Mishustin’s stature in Russian politics has continuously increased. Born in 1966 in Moscow city of Russia, Mishustin is also a technocrat. After 1998, he held several important positions in the tax departments of Russia and in 2010, he was made the head of the Central Tax Service of Russia.

He has been praised for his work in reforming Russia’s tax system. Mishustin also has a PhD in Economics. Now a late evening session will be held on Friday and it will be considered. The lower house approves the candidacy of the Prime Minister under the constitutional changes approved in the country in 2020.

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