Major accident in Senegal, Boeing 737 plane skidded off the runway; 10 people were injured

A major accident occurred in Senegal when a Boeing 737 aircraft slipped off the runway at the airport of the capital Dakar. 10 people have been injured in this accident. The country’s Transport Minister has given information regarding the accident. There were 85 people on board the plane when the accident occurred.

Transport Minister El Malik Ndiaye issued a statement saying that the Air Senegal flight operated by Transair was going to Bamako late on Wednesday night. He said that there were 79 passengers, two pilots and four crew members on board the plane. The injured have been admitted to hospital and others on board the plane have been put up in a hotel.

Earlier, the gears of the Boeing 767 cargo plane had failed while landing at Istanbul Airport. This plane landed at the airport without opening the front wheel. The plane landed at Istanbul Airport without the front wheel opening. Due to this increased friction with the road, a part of the aircraft caught fire. However, there was no loss of life or property. An investigation has been started into the reasons for the aircraft’s landing gear failure.

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