USCIS issues guidelines for immigrants fired from jobs in America, H-1B visa holders will get relief

Large-scale layoffs in companies like Google, Tesla and Walmart in America have created a big problem for employed immigrants. In such a situation, the American Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has issued important guidelines for H-1B visa holders who are facing the situation of being fired or removed from the job. Under this, H-1V visa holders who have been fired from their jobs have been given many other options apart from the freedom to stay for 60 days.

Let us tell you that American technical immigration employees have been traveling in unexpected times for the last one year. Google, Tesla, Walmart and other major companies have announced mass layoffs, dashing the dreams of countless immigrants living in America. Many people in America are now struggling to find another job option. In such a situation, USCIS has issued guidelines for those who believe that they have no option but to leave the country within 60 days.

It is important for H-1B visa holders to know their options when they are fired from their jobs. Contrary to popular misconceptions, they have many avenues to find another job before considering leaving the country. Anyone can stay longer than the 60-day grace period. Apart from this, he also has many important options. If this happens, file an application for change of nonimmigrant status. Under this, permission is given to apply for a new non-immigrant visa category 60 days after the end of the H-1V visa period.

File an application for adjustment of status. Apart from this, this application can be made to get a Green Card while living in America. In case of change of employer, a non-frivolous petition can be filed. With this, the duration of the immigrant visa can be extended.

Any immigrant can continue to live and work in the United States while applications are being processed. This is because you may be eligible to obtain an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). This document allows you to work legally. Additionally, eligible H-1B nonimmigrants can begin working for a new employer as soon as a new H-1B petition is filed. An adjustment of status application may be transferred to a new offer of employment after 180 days of pending status.

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