If you want to control diabetes, say bye-bye to these habits

The number of diabetes patients is increasing rapidly worldwide. WHO has described diabetes as the next big threat. The main reason for the continuous increase in diabetes is poor lifestyle. People who are suffering from diabetes at an early age need to improve their daily routine and diet along with medication. There are many habits of ours which can increase the blood sugar level in the body. For this, it is important that you improve these habits from now on. In this way you can avoid the risk of diabetes and if you are a diabetic patient then you can control sugar quickly.

These 5 habits increase sugar level: Sleeping after eating – Some people fall asleep immediately after eating. Be it lunch or dinner, sleeping immediately after eating is an unhealthy habit. This increases the sugar level in the body and causes the problem of phlegm. If you want to control diabetes, sleep at least 2 to 3 hours after eating. With this your food will be easily digested.

Habit of eating late at night – Nowadays people have started sleeping very late, which is considered to be the worst habit. When you stay awake for a long time, you feel more hungry. In such a situation, you eat food till late at night. Because of this habit our food is not digested properly. This increases sugar and also increases the risk of heart attack. You should eat food before 7 pm.

Reduction in physical activity- If you want to control diabetes then do physical activity. Most people rely only on medicines to reduce blood sugar, but along with medicines, exercise also affects health. Therefore, you must do any physical activity for at least 1 hour.

Leave white things- A diabetic patient should remove white things from the diet. Consuming sugar, flour, gluten containing items and processed foods proves to be dangerous. Stay away from these things. Eating these things increases the risk of diabetes. Rice, flour and sugar are high in carbs and calories, which leads to high sugar levels.

Sitting for a long time- A diabetic patient should not work sitting at one place for more than 1 hour. Such a situation can make the sugar level high. If you want to control diabetes then walk for 5 minutes every hour. If you are working then come after one round. This will help in controlling sugar level and is also better for the heart.

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