World Hypertension Day 2024: These habits can make you a hypertension patient

Hypertension patients are increasing rapidly all over the world. Hypertension i.e. high BP is like a silent killer. Every year lakhs of people lose their lives due to heart attack and stroke due to high blood pressure. Therefore, on May 17, people all over the world are made aware about high BP and World Hypertension Day is celebrated. Talking about WHO figures, around 1 billion people are suffering from high blood pressure across the world. High BP increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney diseases. Many bad habits can make you a patient of hypertension. Change these habits today or right now.

These habits can make you a patient of high blood pressure If you are overweight then you can become a patient of hypertension. Due to excess weight, there are changes in the blood vessels of the kidneys and other parts of the body. These changes often cause high blood pressure. Therefore keep your obesity under control. Being overweight increases the risk of high cholesterol. All these things together increase heart diseases.

Lack of exercise- If you do not do any kind of physical activity then the chances of your blood pressure getting high increases. Not exercising leads to weight gain which creates the risk of high blood pressure. People who do not do any kind of exercise also have higher heart beat.

Too much salt- If you eat too much salt then correct this habit now. WHO has warned about salt many times. Around the world, BP patients are increasing rapidly due to the consumption of high sodium which comes from salt. Therefore, stop eating packets and eating outside. Minimize the use of salt in food.

Stress- Nowadays every second person is struggling with stress. Some people have the habit of getting stressed over small things, but this habit of yours can make you a patient of high BP. So try to stay cool. Anger increases due to stress and blood pressure suddenly becomes high.

Smoking and drinking- Most of the youth have started smoking and drinking to get rid of tension. Office going people have started resorting to alcohol to relax on weekends, but this habit is the biggest enemy of health. You are risking your life for a few moments of enjoyment. Therefore, quit smoking, tobacco and alcohol consumption. This increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack.

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