A man dated a girl for 1 year…. when he married her, his wife turned out to be a man after 12 days

A man in Indonesia was shocked when he came to know 12 days after his marriage that his wife was not a woman but a man. According to the South China Morning Post, 26-year-old husband AK dated her for 1 year before marriage. Despite this, he could not know that the person whom he was dating thinking she was his girlfriend was a woman. Gradually, the love between the two grew and they decided to get married. AK came to know twelve days after the marriage that his wife Adinda Kanja was a woman. AK was shocked to know this.

According to husband AK, he had reportedly met his bride-to-be on a social media platform in 2023 and decided to meet in person after the conversation. AK said that when they met, Adinda always wore traditional Muslim attire, which covered her entire face. However, he was initially not bothered by the niqab and saw it as a sign of her devotion to Islam.

When the two finally fell in love after meeting each other, they decided to get married. Adinda told AK that she had no family to attend the wedding. So the couple opted for a modest ceremony at AK’s house on April 12 and got married. 12 days after the wedding, Indonesian man AK found out that his wife was actually a man. This shook the ground under his feet.

However, even after marriage, Adinda constantly hid her face from her husband and refused to socialize with her family and friends in her village. Apart from this, she refused to consummate the marriage and found excuses to avoid intimacy, citing reasons ranging from her menstruation to feeling unwell.

After twelve days of suspicious behavior, AK started investigating about his wife and found out that Adinda’s parents were still alive and they were completely unaware of their child’s relationship with her. Shockingly, they also found out that Adinda was actually a man, identified as ESH who has been cross-dressing since 2020. During the police investigation, ESH revealed that she married AK to steal the family property.

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