Smoking in an AC room is deadly

There are reports of fire in ACs due to extreme heat. There is so much load on the ACs that they are failing in the scorching heat. Heat is already becoming a threat to life, and on top of that, look at a new problem, the ACs that provide cool air for relief are also becoming fireballs. Incidents of fire are increasing at various places due to ACs. Experts say that the AC should be switched off for 5-7 minutes every two hours. So that the AC gets some rest and incidents of fire are reduced. But the limit is that due to the heat many people keep smoking cigarettes in the AC room itself, which is even more dangerous.

According to a study, smoking in summer weakens the ‘heat intolerance’ or ‘cooling process’. The body is unable to release the heat and this affects the heart, brain, lungs and kidneys. ‘Heat stroke’ or ‘heat injury’ becomes life threatening. However, every harm caused by smoking cigarettes in summer increases manifold. The risk doubles for those who do not smoke, i.e. passive smokers.

Every year 10 lakh people die from smoke without smoking cigarettes

Every year about 10 lakh people lose their lives due to second hand smoking or passive smoking. It is so dangerous that cigarette smoking is the sole reason for 25% of deaths from all types of cancer in the whole world. The problem is that even after all this, people do not want to give up this habit. Let us know from Swami Ramdev how to get rid of the addiction of smoking and get into the habit of yoga?

Smoking in summer doubles the risk:

Heart attack
Lung cancer
Mouth cancer
Throat cancer
Inflammation in intestines
Tobacco poison

Smoke causes mucus in lungs:
Lungs get blocked due to toxins
Lungs become weak and sick
Tobacco is deadly

Big risk for heart:
Carbon mono oxide increases in blood
Oxygen level in blood decreases
Effect of nicotine on brain muscles
Damage to heart due to high blood pressure

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