If you want to avoid the wrath of Shani Dev, then keep these things at home

Shanidev is called a judge in astrology, he gives results according to the actions a person performs. These are also called cruel planets, they adopt a harsh attitude towards the person who does not live his life as per the rules and cause severe suffering in the life of such a person. Therefore, instructions are given to do good deeds.

Even if a mistake is made knowingly or unknowingly, one has to face Shani Dosh. Their main defects are Sadesati and Dhaiya, these are long term defects, the person who faces the wrath of Shani Dev does not get any work done, problems like financial crunch, mental distress etc. surround that person, whereas if Shani Dev is pleased then Transform a person from a pauper to a king.

If you want that you do not have to suffer from Shani Dosha or want to get rid of Shani’s pain, then there are some things which if kept at home and worshiped on Saturday, Shani Dev gets pleased and showers blessings and removes your defects. Let’s give. It also provides relief from suffering. Let us know about those things according to astrology.

Shani Yantra- If you want to get the blessings of Shanidev, then keep his Shani Yantra in the house and worship it daily. By doing this, Shani Dev becomes pleased and showers happiness and good fortune in the house.

Shani Chalisa- Just as religious books related to the worship of other Gods and Goddesses are kept in the house. Similarly, a book of Shani Chalisa must be there in the house. Reciting it every Saturday after sunset provides relief from Shani pain.

Sapphire Gemstone- The most favorite gem of Shani Dev is Sapphire. According to astrology, sapphire gemstone is considered to provide auspicious results of Saturn. But before wearing it one must take advice from a qualified astrologer. If you keep this gemstone in the house and show incense sticks, then according to gemology, by doing this, Saturn gets strengthened in the horoscope and shows its auspicious effect. The person for whom Neelam gemstone is beneficial makes him rich.

Statue of Hanuman ji – According to mythological belief, in the house where the statue of Hanuman ji is worshipped, no matter how heavy Shani Dosh is there, everything gets erased in a moment. Because Shani Dev had promised Hanuman ji that your devotees will never have to bear my faults and I will always provide them with auspicious results.

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