Transit of Mercury in Aquarius, whose luck will open and who will become rich?

February 20, 2024, at 6:10 am, Mercury has entered Aquarius and will continue to transit there till 9:35 am on March 7. Mercury is the factor of astrology, craft, computer, commerce and fourth and tenth house. He is the god of intelligence and speech. These have a direct impact on brain-intensive tasks and tasks influenced by speech, while in the body it mainly affects the neck and shoulders. At present, what effect will this transit of Mercury in Aquarius have on the lives of all the 12 zodiac signs, at which place will Mercury transit in your horoscope, as well as what measures should you take in the auspicious position of Mercury, let us know from Acharya Indu Prakash. .

Aries-Mercury has transited to your eleventh house. Due to the effect of this transit of Mercury, your child will be ahead in the field of education. You will be able to earn money through hard work. During this time, you will be a little shy, but you will also be capable in every task. To fulfill your wish and get auspicious results – you should wear a copper coin around your neck. If you can’t wear it then keep it with you.

Taurus-Mercury has transited to your tenth house. Due to the effect of this transit of Mercury, you will get success in your career. Besides, progress will be ensured in your father’s life too. You will complete your work diligently and your happiness will remain. Also, during this period, your financial condition will remain better in every way. To ensure auspicious results of Mercury, worship Goddess Durga, if possible, also recite Durga Saptashati during this time.

Gemini-Mercury has transited to your ninth house. Due to the effect of this transit of Mercury, you will get the happiness of having a child. Luck will remain with you in life. Your health will also be better. Your interest in religious activities will increase. Also, your hard work to earn money will be successful. To ensure the auspicious results of Mercury during this period, keep red colored iron tablets with you and avoid using green colored things.

Cancer-Mercury has transited to your eighth house. Due to the effect of this transit of Mercury, you may have to work harder. Besides, your mother and child may also suffer from some kind of health related problem. Apart from this, your financial condition will also not be anything special. To avoid the inauspicious position of Mercury till March 7 and to ensure auspicious results, put powdered sugar in an earthen pot, cover it with a lid and bury it somewhere in the desert.

Leo-Mercury has transited to your seventh house. Due to the effect of this transit of Mercury, you may face problems in maintaining coordination with family members and especially with your spouse. You may have to make a lot of efforts to get help from them. Besides, the chances of increase in your wealth are also less. Therefore, to avoid the inauspicious results of Mercury and ensure auspicious results till March 7, donate green moong soaked in water to the temple.

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