Deficiency of this vitamin makes women old before their age, women near 40 must know this

With age, women should also take care of the nutrition required for their body. After 40 years, many types of vitamins start decreasing in the body of women. Therefore, include nutrient-rich foods in your diet. Women need more nutrition than men. The reason for this is the careless attitude of women towards diet and changes in hormones. In such situations, age starts appearing quickly on the faces of women. Let us know which vitamins are needed more by women’s body after 40?

Vitamin D- Bone related problems make people sick as they grow older. Women are especially troubled by the problem of bone pain and joint pain. The reason for this is deficiency of Vitamin D and calcium in the body. Therefore, eat milk, cheese, mushrooms, soya products, butter, fatty fish, oatmeal and eggs rich in vitamin D and calcium.

Vitamin E- If women want to remain beautiful and young for a long time, then for this they should eat things rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps in making our skin, hair and nails beautiful. Vitamin E is essential to remove wrinkles and spots. This is called a vitamin that prevents aging. For Vitamin E, consume almonds, peanuts, butter and spinach.

Vitamin B- Vitamin B is also very important for the body. Vitamin B6 i.e. folic acid is essential during pregnancy. At the same time, women also suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency with increasing age. To keep yourself healthy, do not allow deficiency of Vitamin B12, B6 and B9. For this, eat things like dairy products, beans, grains, yeast.

Vitamin A- When women reach beyond 40, hormonal changes start occurring once again in the body. At the time of menopause around 45, one has to go through many changes. In such a situation, Vitamin A is very much needed. Women should make things like carrots, papaya, pumpkin seeds and spinach a part of their diet.

Vitamin K- Vitamin K is essential to reduce the problem of excessive bleeding during periods. Vitamin K reduces the problem of excessive bleeding in the body. Therefore, with age, include things rich in vitamin C in your diet. For this, eat a lot of soybean oil and green vegetables.

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