These changes in the skin are symptoms of high cholesterol

These days, people across the country and the world are suffering from heart related diseases. Your increasing bad cholesterol level is the biggest reason behind this. The main reasons for increase in bad cholesterol in the body are consuming oily and greasy foods, not exercising at all, excessive alcohol consumption, diabetes and obesity. When bad cholesterol starts increasing in our body, people become victims of heart attacks, strokes and heart related diseases.

There are two types of cholesterol in our body, good and bad cholesterol. When body bad cholesterol starts increasing, you start facing many health related problems. Due to increase in bad cholesterol, it has a direct effect on your skin, which many times you ignore considering it to be a normal problem. Let us tell you how your skin gives signals when cholesterol level increases. So that you become alert about your health ahead of time.

These symptoms start appearing on the skin:

Change in facial colour: Due to increase in cholesterol, the color of your skin starts getting darker and small pimples start appearing around the eyes. If you also see these changes in your skin, then contact your doctor immediately.

Excessive itching on the skin: If your face itches for a long time. If the problem of itching and redness persists, then forget about it and take it lightly. This is not a minor problem but excessive itching on the face is considered a symptom of high cholesterol.

Excessive pimples on the skin: Due to increase in cholesterol, small pimples start appearing on your face. Also, small red pimples start appearing around the eyes and nose, hence do not mistake it for normal skin pimples.

Problem of prickly heat: When cholesterol level increases in the body, the problem of prickly heat occurs on the face. But some people consider it as normal heat rash and ignore it. Doing this can be harmful for you. Although prickly heat on the face can occur due to many reasons, the main reason for this is high cholesterol.

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